• Costa da Laurissilva – Aspiring Geopark

    Within the project “Costa da Laurisilva” the municipalities of Santana, São Vicente and Porto Moniz have announced their intention to apply to the membership of the European Geopark Network (EGN) supported by the UNESCO. Summarizing, a Geopark is a well-defined territory holder of a particular geological heritage combined with a sustainable development strategy. Geoparks must include a certain number of sites of geological interest, named Geosites. It is imperative that Read More
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  • 2nd Congress of the Costa da Laurissilva 2

    The 2nd Congress of the Costa da Laurissilva took place in July 2013, where the niche markets of the northern coast were debated.[+]

  • 2nd Long Triathlon of the Costa da Laurissilva

    To see the poster click here.

  • Schedule of annual events

    To learn about the schedule of annual events click here.

  • Book “Expedition Costa da Laurissilva”

    Project which aims to unveil a new perspective of the natural splendor which graces the North coast of the Madeira Island.[+]

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